Defraggler 1.0

Defraggler is an efficient defragmenting utility which has advanced feature sets
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Defraggler is an advanced defragmenting tool. It is faster and more efficient than the default defragmenting option provided by Windows. Fragmentation of files is a headache on Windows systems, which results in slowing down of the system. Defragmenting tools comes handy in such situations, so as to organize and restructure the hard disk for maximum efficiency. Defraggler is capable of analyzing the logical drives for fragmentation of files, and then represent it graphically using a drive map as well as by a list which shows the number of fragments for each file. The top feature to be noted in Defraggler is its capability to defrag anything that you throw at it let it be a single file, group of files or folders, and even logical disk drives. Its defragmentation procedure is fast and efficient, too good to be ignored. Moreover, it has other options like defragmenting of free space, which is effective so as to prevent the occurrence of file fragmentation to a certain extent. Also, it can act as a disk checker to check the drives for errors. The data on drive is verified for integrity. A command line version is also provided in the default package, which comes in handy for experienced users. It also has the option to set the priority of the defragmenting process, so as to run it in background or to allow it to run with normal priority. To top it all, it is a freeware. Being a freeware, the defragmenting mechanism used is much better than the ones used in certain paid software. Defragmenting is recommended for every PC, its frequency depending upon the mode in which you use the PC. A slight increase in responsiveness of PC will be notable after the defragmentation.

Farhan Anwar
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  • Able to defrag file/folder/drive/free space
  • Fast, efficient, small in size and free
  • Easy to use


  • Locks up any removable media, therefore Defraggler has to be closed before they could be removed (Using safely remove option)
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