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m It's great

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Guest Is not limited like Microsoft's disk defragmenter - this can defrag MORE than 1 drive at a time if you run it side-by-side with Microsoft's disk defragmenter.

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Guest Works very well for quick defrags

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Murtuza The Defraggler helps computer users who feel their system is running too slow. This simple program performs a complicated task that streamlines your PC's thought processes, but be prepared for a wait.

This free unlimited download attempts to bring order to your scattered RAM. When a file is created, portions of the item are spread into free spaces throughout the hard drive. As more files accumulate the computer has to work harder to piece together the puzzle that has become your specific file. This results in a slow computer. Defragmenting seeks out all these matching pieces and lines them up, making work easier and faster for the computer.

Defraggler downloads easily and is simple to understand. Its display shows users how much memory is available on their computers and also performs a search to show exactly how many files are fragmented in the entire computer. From here you can choose to defragment all or select specific files for defragmentation. Experts recommend regular defragmentation to keep computers running smoothly, so the Defraggler offers a scheduler to automatically run the program.

Defraggler is easy to understand and performs its job well. There is a strange chart along the top that seems to move for no real reason and is best ignored, but is only a minor annoyance. In addition, be prepared for a long wait time. Defragmenting a computer can take dozens of minutes. Still, if you want to improve computer performance, this is a great place to start.
smile smile smile

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brokenlizard Free defrag

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Hasan nice and easy for defragmentation

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Guest I love this piece of software, really does the job, and shuts down computer after it finishes! It will give your pc a mighty boost if like me, you often neglect to defrag your hd.

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Guest another great tool which is totally FREE

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jcwestny Excellent..and it's FREE. Nuff said.

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φ Simple interface, reasonable speed, Sufficient number of settings, all you need in a defragmentation application

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Guest Disk Defragmenter is required for

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Guest Very Good software, in combination with anothers programs for cleaning your PC it makes one of the best tools avaibles for free.

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Guest i love defraggler, the most fastest and powerful program

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Hazim Adil Yesildag

Hazim Adil Yesildag easy and great

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h2b Never could finish to defrag a 300 Mo hard disk ! takes over 24 hours to get to 13 % defragged, so i quit, waiting for a good release.
However, it is free, so thank you

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